Use Policies

This free CI service is offered for remote testing of open source projects that use the build2 toolchain. The test results (status, build logs, etc) are guaranteed to be available for at least 30 days. Note that everything (locations of packages being tested, results, etc) are publicly visible. There are no guarantees or warranties of any kind and the service is provided as-is.

This service is only meant for building a project from source code and then running its tests in order to make sure it is usable on the provided set of platforms and compilers. Any other use or activity (computation or storage of unrelated data, installation of system packages, etc) is not allowed. Abuse (hacking, mining, etc) will lead to a lifetime ban from the service, no exceptions or excuses (not even "I was young and stupid").

Each test is performed in a new virtual machine so the projects can expect reasonable isolation and a clean environment. At a minimum, the service strives to provide build configurations for all the major platforms with the last two major versions of their main C/C++ compiler. See the list of the currently offered build configurations.

The recommended way to submit a CI request is with the bdep-ci(1) command. See the Toolchain Introduction for how it fits into the overall development workflow. For the CI service protocol description see Package CI.